The objective of Run Lila Run! is to navigate a cemetery just after dusk, guiding the main character, Lila, through a series of obstacles, which include a ghoulish hand rising from the ground (The Hand), and Magnus, caretaker or the cemetery. Whatever you do, stay away from these folks!

Along the way, eat up as many flies and bats as you can, with each one assigned a different value. The more Lila eats up, the higher your score! But don’t get too greedy, as some of these are perilously close to Magnus and The Hand. Jump or eat, choose wisely!

Tap on the screen to jump. You can also pause the game at any time, if you need to catch your breath. :)

Good luck!

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DKCS Games is a joint venture between Development Kosmos and Cabala Studios. This is the beginning of something big, so stay tuned! Our first baby is Run Lila Run, and we couldn’t be prouder.

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